Monday, April 02, 2012

I Object

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As found on the internet:

"Do not wear cowboy boots with a wedding dress...if you are going to get married to a man who is not a cowboy, please save him the embarrassment."

First, every girl should wear exactly what she wants to wear on her wedding day.  Never be worn by your clothes, wear your clothes.  When you wear what you love, it shows.  A bride's glow comes from inside, not from the dress.

Second, what century are we in that we think we embarrass a man who is supposed to love us by wearing boots?  Excuse me, no.  If you are about to walk down the aisle, the man at the end of that aisle had better love you for who you are and what you choose to be or you might as well not take that walk.  He will love you for your quirky desire to wear cowboy boots on your wedding day.  

Do not be a sheep or a rug.  Be you and wear what you love.

I object to this ridiculous cultural idea that women are meant to please men or others.  It is ideas like this that perpetuate eating disorders and relationship abuse.  It reminds me why I am proud to call myself a geek.  For years many of us felt socially backwards and outcast because we wore different clothes, saw the world differently.  But instead of caving, we grew up sticking to who we are.  That takes guts.  It also takes the intelligence to analyse ourselves and know who we are instead of being malleable and simply following the crowd.  As an adult, the value of being a geek becomes much more readily visible.  But the true triumph is in being proud of who I am and what I'm passionate about.  I think that's a recipe for success in life.  Everyone: geek, girl, boy, jock, businessman, artist should be this way.  As my mother-in-law likes to say, "Stand on your feet, don't walk on your knees."

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jaded said...

Liking this rant.

Periodically someone I know launches a tirade about how reprehensible the fashion statement of baggy pants is, and the unfortunate stigma attached to it. This ranter's solution being baggy bottomed offenders should conform to "mainstream conventionality" when it comes to dress to avoid being unfavorably stereotyped. I'm not certain that I know what qualifies as "mainstream" anymore, but I do know reducing all human interactions to snap judgements based on fashion statements is a lazy ill-informed method to get to know who a person is. I don't care for the "sag", but I don't think it's a fir measure of character.

Unfortunately, it's human nature to want to categorize character based on what we see with our eyes, whether or not it tells the whole story. It's one way for us to process an overwhelming amount of information quickly.

I don't think I've embarrassed anyone by wearing cowboy boots, but I have a pair of men's cargo shorts my spouse would love to burn….