Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Moveable Favorite

For quite some time now I've lamented the fact that my Favorites link in my web browsing bar is imprisoned to the machine it locally sits on.  If I have a google account and I use that account on every computer I connect to, why couldn't my favorites be associated with that?  I use three computers as a rule.  I have my writing computer in our 'collaboration studio', the family computer in the kitchen and my purse-friendly laptop for writing on the go.  Each of these has fairly extensive favorites menus because I will come across some tutorial, recipe or item I love.  I save it to find later then have to boot up three computers to figure out where in the heck it is.  Why?  Haven't we progressed beyond this ridiculous localization issue?  Please.  Seriously.  No really.

Well I've got news for you.  We have.  At least one web based service has.  It is called Pearltrees and it's awesome.  It is basically a dropbox for favorites.  Dropbox, in case you didn't know is a web based document organization service.  Now you can access your documents at one web url and voila, you never have to open three computers to work on your current manuscript.  Yeah.  And it syncs automatically.  Yeah.  Well Pearltrees gives you the capability to save favorite urls into one place and organize them into trees and branches and nodes, and you can share whole trees, branches or just nodes and man I'm having so much fun. I will never lose that tantalizing recipe again, that funny video I want to show my husband, that crafting idea for activities with the kids.  Nope.

Pearltrees.  Check it out.

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De said...

Awesome. I also use 3 computers (not counting the one I'm supposed to be using now, at work) and encounter this problem regularly. I'll check it out!