Friday, April 13, 2012

Poetry Friday - Bite

Tippy Toes

Woman washes window on her tippy toes.
Passersby have not looked up
to see her reach.
A cat on the sidewalk rubs himself
into passing slacks.
Small bell rings over glass door.
Man behind spectacles and the counter
turns his head to smile.
Other noses to be seen
are buried in books.
Dog outside bites his tail.
All these sidewalk bodies have someplace
to get to quickly, except
for the woman who washes the window
on her tippy toes.


Clowncar said...

I love the images and the simple plain language in this. And for some reason the words "tippy toes" seem perfect for the piece. Are you the woman washing windows?

Lynnea said...

Clowncar, while I will claim the feet in the photo, no I'm not the window washer. I saw her washing the windows of her small shop. She looked so happy, so proud.

jaded said...

Eloquently described portrait of a moment

De said...

When i wash windows, I am always in a hurry to be off somewhere else. Which is why my windows are streaky.