Friday, April 20, 2012

Poetry Friday - Tie

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He had his garage,
          he always had his garage.
Boxes of the useful
          rubber bands
          margarine tubs and lids
          twist ties and
          paper clips and
          empty tape dispensers.
Old t-shirts work for rags.
Newspapers of history forsaken.
Jars of nuts and bolts and twiddly bits
          good for something
and the lost buttons waiting patiently.
A pile of broken toys he knows he'll fix
Railroad spikes and rebar
stacks of wooden pallets
picture frames and car parts
empty oil cans and paint buckets
a sign or two
          even a mangled grocery cart.
Who would throw such things away?
So much waste, so much.
Back when he was young...
          nothing could afford to be forgotten.


Clowncar said...

I like this. kind of a What's He Building In There vibe (it's a Waits song).

like the shopping cart image too. I have a thing about shopping carts.

jaded said...

I've been in that garage many times. A friend does estate sales and she visits these spaces often, but she doesn't descibe it this beautifully.