Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The prompt for the picture a day challenge today is:  Skyline.  I wish this had turned out better, it was so gorgeous.

In other news you may have noticed a rather drastic change here.  I am going to be making a few more, less drastic though and then the new site will be official.  In spite of the change in url, if you use a subscription reader or try to come in through you will still make it here.  So welcome to, I'm a url!


De said...


What kind of camera & lens are you using?

Lynnea said...

I'm using a cheap digital Canon A3300 IS, 16.0 mega pixels, 5X zoom lens, the kind that does most of the work for you but I did work it a little bit in Gimp because I wanted to fade out the surrounding trees a little bit. It probably shows, I'm not that great at it.

De said...

I have one good lens. I wish I could use it all the time.