Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Time Enough for Hiding

I have these phases, where I don't want to be here, connected.  Sometimes the din of the net overwhelms me.

Sometimes I can only handle sitting here and playing Angry Birds over and over and over.  I think to myself, "You need to get moving, write something, do something.  This is ridiculous."  But no amount of pep talking seems to push me past those odd times of needing to hide.  So I've been hiding a bit.  It felt great actually.

Today, I still want to hide, but I've decided it's been long enough.  Which brings me to the Poetry Friday word for the week:  ENOUGH.

Shall we get poetical this week?  Oh yeah.

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De said...

The last two days, I had to go to end-of-the-school-year performances. It was exhausting to sit in rooms full of people for hours on end. Last night I was so angry, I told my husband I could stab someone. So yeah, I know the value of hiding.

Right away I had ideas about this prompt. Let's see if I can get my fingers tapping by Friday.