Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coming in the near future...

I am excited today because I have an announcement.  It's more like a preliminary announcement.  I have begun working on two chapbooks of poetry which I will be publishing in the near future.  Each book will have poems that are or were here at one time, plus new poems, and some extra fun surprises too.  They should be ready in the next couple of weeks.  When they are, I will make the big, official announcement and hopefully they will be available from here, Amazon and possibly Barnes and Nobles.  So be sure to check back frequently!

In other news I've started using my Arduino I received for Christmas and have been finally moving forward in learning electronics.  So far, I've made one LED light blink (Hello, world!), and then a line of lights blink in succession, then blink in any order I futz it to.  Coming up next: making a spin motor spin!  Woot.  Anyone who wants to start learning electronics I would say that Arduino is an excellent starting choice for microcontrollers, but if you want something even less pricey, you could try Texas Instrument's Launchpad

for under $5.  Also, some other great stuff to start you out are:  a bread board, generic wires, basic 560 ohm resistors, LED lights and the Make Magazine's book Make: Electronics.  Arduino has a 'Getting Started' kit that comes with a pamphlet of learning projects which are the ones I'm working through.  An excellent primer.

And lastly, since it is Tuesday, we need a word for Poetry Friday.  How about CHAP?  I love this word.

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