Friday, June 22, 2012

Poetry Friday - Bone(s)

I've got two poems for this week's Poetry Friday post.  The first is a format I like to play with now and then - the incredibly short poem.  The second is a little more my normal style.

Old Bones

Consign me to my marrow,
skinless and epitaphed forever.


Cookies and Carrots

I have the witch in me,
she whispers,
picking at bones
and needling fleshy sentiment.
She shops in her floor length cape,
wandering aisles with Jedi concentration.
Eye never meets eye.
Like a cursed innocent
she carries her basket of cookies and carrots
rustling bags to cover the resonance
of her existence.
She's more than shy.
She trembles at the register
in forced interaction,
then flees this buzzing hive
to her den of scarves and flames,
smokes her cigarette and
dreads the need to return.

1 comment:

jaded said...

Both poems resonate with me, though the second one feels a little too familiar. THe phrase "forced interaction" speaks volumes after spending last week "turned on" in public.