Friday, June 01, 2012

Poetry Friday for Last Week's Word: Enough


Balancing on the ball of your heel
the heel of your ball
the ball, the balance. The toe that wavers.
To dip in the water without diving too deep.
Obsessing over the lethargy of snails.
'She's moony' they said.
What is she? Baring her ass? Overly in love?
It's not enough to say 'dazed' or 'listless'.
Who falls in love with a still breeze?
The logic of derivation:
If listless is spiritless, then list is spirit.
Imagine the church of list-makers,
'And unto the Great Lister
we supplicate and list our vengeances'.
Supine. Gazy. In the lunar realm
and out again.
I hear noises in the small of my heart,
smell the fog that weighs there.
I try again to balance on the ball of your heel
and exhale.


De said...

This is beautiful language.

I confess I get a little lost midway and am not sure what's going on.

Lynnea said...

De, thank you. I was playing on the word moony meaning daydreaming. Getting lost is the direction I was headed. The foggy heart the sadness, listlessness that overtakes and throws me off balance. Leaning into someone or something to try to get back to reality. I hope that helps a little.

De said...

Yes, thanks. I didn't realize the initial narrative view was first person, so what seemed to be a change at the end threw me.