Thursday, June 21, 2012

What Youth is Good For

I've been thinking about when people fight aging, willing to do anything to look and feel young again, or if they can't afford those methods, simply obsess about their younger days.  I've given in to thinking this way.  I've spent countless hours wishing I could be just 10 or 15 pounds lighter, slim like I was in my 30's.  But, really, what is youth good for?

Youth is a time in life when we look great, we have energy to spare and we spend inordinate amounts of time trying to attract a mate.  Because that is what youth is for.  It is for starting life, finding someone to spend it with, and in many cases, someone to have children with.  Or, if you are not like me and marriage or children were not something you wanted, youth was a time for getting set up in life, starting a long-term career, finding yourself and your interests.

Which leads to now.  If you were successful, you've got those things.  You've had a mate, children, a career started etc.  If you haven't got those things, this is a time in life where we begin to reassess and strive to find those things we now know, with time and experience, will truly bring us happiness.

What I have overlooked is the amazing success I've achieved.  I have a marvelous husband and wonderful children.  I have figured myself out enough to know I love geeky things, electronics and writing.  And the most fulfilling part is that I get to pursue those things.  So, if I'm a little heavier than I was before, if I have a few wrinkles, does it in the end define me?  No.  In fact, why waste my time wishing for my youth back when my youth brought me the things I wanted?  I should be enjoying those things now that I have them.


Lynnea said...

P.S. I forgot I wanted to mention that tomorrow is Poetry Friday. The word for tomorrow is bone(s). Make up a little something inspired by the word and share it! And check back here for my poem.

jaded said...

I like this point of view. Do you mind if I adopt it?

Youth is often symbolic of wasted opportunity when it it is just one stepping stone on an extended journey. I forget about that step too often.

Lynnea said...

Be my guest! It is so easy to continually look for something either in the past or some theoretical thing in the future. While that may be good to a degree, if we never take the time to enjoy right now, none of that wishing or dreaming will ever matter.