Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chaos is Creeping Up Behind Me

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Coming back from vacation often throws me into disarray.  If I'm being honest however, I would say I've been in disarray for a little over a year now, coinciding with a traumatic experience we had.  I've got piles of things that need to be sorted and donated, I've got boxes set aside I have no idea what's in them.  My normal mode tends on the desire to be highly organized resulting in semi-organized to well-organized.  Right now, I'd say I'm bordering on chaos.  I need to reign it in but it feels overwhelming just to look at it.  I know I should ask for help but I don't really know who to ask.  Then again, I could do this myself, I'm sure of it.  I just need to get started.  Doing the bare minimum is no longer acceptable to me, it never was but I was dealing with things enough at the time.  I can forgive myself for getting this far, I think, but can I whip this into order again?  I truly hope so.

I'm a list maker, planner.  Well more like simulator as my husband points out.  I picture my goal in every detail and then try to head that way.  Usually I dive in without making a plan, just the picture simulation I've made and a list or two.  This time I'd like to marry the two and add proper planning in.  I think I will do this:

Start in the worst room, the scariest one.  Clean it one section at a time until finished - whether that takes one hour, one day or I have to do it in stints over the course of a few days.  Just do it till it's finished.  Then, I will move to the next scariest room and so on.  Alleviating the worst of it first so that each subsequent room will feel less and less difficult.  I will keep up with the everyday cleaning to my best for now, not worrying about deep cleaning until the rooms are organized and neat.  Then I will shine this place up and step back and admire.  After that, it's time to keep up with it.  This time around I will enlist my children to do their part more actively.  I know you're probably not that interested in this little (actually kind of big) problem of mine, but putting it here commits me more to the plan.

So, I raise my glass of fresh juice and say, "Here's to getting started!"

P.S. Poetry Friday this week, we'll use the word:  NEAT.


De said...

Lynnea, I totally relate.

I am sitting here in my jammies having a sick day. I am only up out of bed because I need to pay bills (but since there isn't enough money, I am diverting myself reading FB and blogs). I mention this only because some bills were missing and I finally found them stashed away somewhere in a hurry when I did a quick clean up because people were coming over. Augh! So terrible!

I have notes to myself to go back to some of the places I stashed things because otherwise, I will forget them and more stuff will get piled there and... Chaos!

It's a perpetual struggle for me to stay as organized as I'd like to be, but I can say that when you do get started on the chaos, you will be amazed at how much easier it is to get back to semi-organized than it seemed it would be.

Cheers to you!

jaded said...

It sounds like you have a large chore ahead of you.

I go through these organizing binges ...mostly to avoid the fact that I'm not sure what move to make next on a drawing.

Lynnea said...

De, interestingly, once I slammed out the biggest, ugliest problem, all the others don't seem like problems at all, just little messes easily cleaned. What a relief.

Jaded, you've probably hit on something here - I mean the job needs to get done but it probably wouldn't seem so urgent if I were writing my next book.