Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pins and Pearls Week of July 9, 2012

For this week's Pins and Pearls I've got a regular smorgasbord.  In Pins this week you'll find Fall fashions for this year, Ame-Comi comic figurines, a quilt inspiration, Christmas decor inspirations, giant googly eyes, some organization tips and a Poppet.  See what I mean?

As for my Pearls, let's start with a video by Pixar:

Then we have a camping recipe for Potato Boat Dinners found at Echoes of Laughter:

A mexican metal tooling art project to make with kids by Restoration Place:

And now we need a word for this Friday's Poetry Friday posts.  Hmmm.  Given that we've been suffering a heat wave of monumental proportions - at least it feels that way when you have no air-conditioner - let's use the word HEAT.  Now to hope for inspiration to hit this week, I hate it when I go blank.  Happy Pinning and Pearling!

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