Friday, August 10, 2012

Poetry Friday - Stampede

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Drawn and Quartered

These are my days
when everything makes me cry.
The stampede of sky bearing down
on the loneliness of trees.
The weight of silence in the din of living.
My mind is drawn and quartered
sectioned off and scattered wide.
My people are taking their leave of life.
I stand crumbling.


jaded said...

Dark yet vibrant.

P.L. Dodds said...

I have to agree with jaded. It is a wonderfully written poem. Thank you for sharing.

Kind Regards

P.L. Dodds

Lynnea said...

Jaded, thank you. Another example of the type of poem which prompts my husband to claim all of my poetry is sad.

P.L.Dodds, thank you! I visited your site, enjoyed it immensely.