Thursday, September 27, 2012

Apparently this is my rant week

Dear Pinners,

I've noticed something showing up on Pinterest more and more and it bothers me.  We see stick thin models in magazines all over the place.  Our daughters are growing up inundated with the idea that no meat on our bones is a good thing.  Frankly, I think it's ugly.  I think the female form is beautiful with curves and softness to it.  That's my opinion.  But here's the thing, our girls don't need this belief that extreme thin is healthy or pretty.  They need to be able to appreciate themselves as they are and in the healthiest form.  While we cannot physically change the photos put in magazines and ads, we can change that in Pinterest because we are Pinterest.  So I'd like to ask two things of you.  First, please don't post those types of pictures up.  Pick pictures of healthy models.  They exist.  Second, please refrain from repinning or leaving comments like, "This is beautiful!" on pins with stick models.  I realize many times the comment is meant for the clothes or shoes shown, but a young girl's perception is going to take the whole image as the desired look.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Geek Rant and Poetry Friday Word

Did you know that Android leads in market share for smart phones?  Check out these three links for starters.

Com Score Data Mine

Digital Trends

Nielsen Blog

My question then is, why are new technologies and apps so often only made for iOS, or at least made for it first?  Where are the Android apps and technologies?  And why in the world is Android lagging so far behind in market share for tablets?  Before you inundate me with slams about how much Android stuff there is out there, I will say I do know they exist.  Maybe I need to expand my sources for reading and learning about new technologies.  But honestly, I'm sure you've seen how often while reading about a new microphone for example, is all great but oh guess what?  It was made to work with iPhone and iPad and your Mac.  I don't have a Mac.  I probably never will after the patent fiasco that Apple pulled.  I love my Samsung Galaxy phone and I would like to get an Android tablet too.  But I want to be able to use the cool new stuff on them.  Just go to the major stores for computer and tech gear and notice how the menus read: iPads and other Tablets.  What?  Or: iPhones, Smart phones.  Huh?  How come Apple products get separate and top billing?  Where are the Android marketers for the top sharer in the market?  Fleh.  That's what I say.  I want to see more products made to work with Android first.  Get to it.

Quote of the day:

G, my 7 yo son:  "Most of all, geeks love bacon, LEGOs and electronics." - Bacon people, bacon!

Poetry Friday word:

SCREEN     (don't ask me why, just because it popped in my head)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pins and Pearls week of September 2, 2012

Hey I made Pins and Pearls this week. (Actually Pins and Pearl - no 's' because well, because).

Lots of fun geeky t-shirts in this week's Pinboard.  Check those and the LEGO love out:

And here is my one Pearl to share this week:

This is a cool website called Superhero Nation which delves into writing with all kinds of great articles about character development, plot, good action scenes, writer's block and also many articles specifically about writing superheroes.  All of it great fun.

Also if you didn't catch it already, I actually put a poem, albeit rhymey and silly, up this past weekend.  It's just below this post.  Go, go now.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Poetry Friday on Sunday

Before I begin my poem I'd just like to say one thing.  No one ever said Poetry Friday had to always be a deep peer into the questions of life.  Ahem.
The word for Friday was Cheesy.  Here we go....

Ode to the Cheesy Puff

Your neon orange infused crunch
coats my fingers to the touch.
Popping you in whole,
rolling you across the tongue
leaching your coating to my soul, I
forget all that Paleo, Athens, Southern Beaches
mastication incarceration.
I'll fight for my dusted wormy love
to the bitter end of obscene
then pop them in again
and lick my fingers clean.
(Just a note I know that Athens isn't a real diet, I was being obscure)

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Poetry Friday Word

photo courtesy of: 

My husband and I just finished our first collaborative pass of editing on one of my books.  In three days.  It was intense and creative and fun.  He  has boosted my confidence in my storytelling and we've noted exciting changes that should make this book a raucous adventure and we weeded out the cheesy.
                                --me cheesy?  Somehow it crept in.  Actually I know how.  I wanted to keep writing and my inability to continue while something or someone remains unnamed slowed me down so that I quickly gave stupid names that coincided with their purpose or talent.  In short, cheesy.

I hadn't expected working on my writing with my husband to be so much fun.  As many artists, I can be touchy about criticism, though I get better at it by the day.  In this case, he and I had a lot of laughs over my mistakes and we experienced great moments of brainstorm that infused us with the fervor equivalent to many cups of good coffee taken in succession.  (The many cups of coffee we drank didn't hurt either.)

Now that I'm all fired up, let's do some poetry this week!  Ooh, let's use the word cheesy.  That could throw us into many arenas of thought.  See you on Friday for the Poetry Friday!