Thursday, September 27, 2012

Apparently this is my rant week

Dear Pinners,

I've noticed something showing up on Pinterest more and more and it bothers me.  We see stick thin models in magazines all over the place.  Our daughters are growing up inundated with the idea that no meat on our bones is a good thing.  Frankly, I think it's ugly.  I think the female form is beautiful with curves and softness to it.  That's my opinion.  But here's the thing, our girls don't need this belief that extreme thin is healthy or pretty.  They need to be able to appreciate themselves as they are and in the healthiest form.  While we cannot physically change the photos put in magazines and ads, we can change that in Pinterest because we are Pinterest.  So I'd like to ask two things of you.  First, please don't post those types of pictures up.  Pick pictures of healthy models.  They exist.  Second, please refrain from repinning or leaving comments like, "This is beautiful!" on pins with stick models.  I realize many times the comment is meant for the clothes or shoes shown, but a young girl's perception is going to take the whole image as the desired look.



jaded said...

It's unfortunate advertising can shape the way we feel about ourselves as easily as it shapes our product perceptions. Mostly though it's sad for young minds that are seldom aware of how the perceptions are being manipulated.

Lynnea said...

Jaded, I've become very aware of this with my twins who, after watching their favorite cartoon often come to me asking if we can buy a certain kind of car or a new food they saw. Seriously? A car?