Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Geek Rant and Poetry Friday Word

Did you know that Android leads in market share for smart phones?  Check out these three links for starters.

Com Score Data Mine

Digital Trends

Nielsen Blog

My question then is, why are new technologies and apps so often only made for iOS, or at least made for it first?  Where are the Android apps and technologies?  And why in the world is Android lagging so far behind in market share for tablets?  Before you inundate me with slams about how much Android stuff there is out there, I will say I do know they exist.  Maybe I need to expand my sources for reading and learning about new technologies.  But honestly, I'm sure you've seen how often while reading about a new microphone for example, is all great but oh guess what?  It was made to work with iPhone and iPad and your Mac.  I don't have a Mac.  I probably never will after the patent fiasco that Apple pulled.  I love my Samsung Galaxy phone and I would like to get an Android tablet too.  But I want to be able to use the cool new stuff on them.  Just go to the major stores for computer and tech gear and notice how the menus read: iPads and other Tablets.  What?  Or: iPhones, Smart phones.  Huh?  How come Apple products get separate and top billing?  Where are the Android marketers for the top sharer in the market?  Fleh.  That's what I say.  I want to see more products made to work with Android first.  Get to it.

Quote of the day:

G, my 7 yo son:  "Most of all, geeks love bacon, LEGOs and electronics." - Bacon people, bacon!

Poetry Friday word:

SCREEN     (don't ask me why, just because it popped in my head)


De said...

I was trying to think of the opposite of geek (as it is most commonly used) and I didn't come up with a satisfying word. Then your son threw love of bacon in there and I thought, yeah, I could be a geek.

Screen made a lot of ideas pop into my head. I have so much junk to do this week, I will probably be in procrastination mode, which means there is a chance I will write poetry to avoid icky stuff.

Lynnea said...

De, writing poetry is an acceptable alternative to icky stuff. We need as many alternatives as we can muster.

jaded said...

In the interest of full disclosure, I live in a bi-platform household.

Maybe it's easier to program apps for Apple since you are dealing with fewer versions of the operating system and fewer device variations (i.e. iPhone, iPhone 4S, iPod iPod touch, iOS 5, iOS 6, iPad 1st gen, 2nd gen) versus a constantly evolving open source code customized for more manufactures with more variable operational specs (samsung, HTC, Motorola) in addition to additional customization via bloatware from service providers (I applaud Apple for not allowing service providers to taint the OS with bloatware). Or maybe apple has more traffic in their app store than google plan.

If I'm a developer, I'm going to gear my product toward the largest potential audience….but since my phone is also android based, I'm with you. More. Options. For. Apps.

Lynnea said...

Jaded, we're multi-platform here too and you're right, Apple has an advantage because they only have the one OS to deal with. But I prefer my media (videos, music, apps) to work in more than one device. =) I think time will swing Android into the position of largest potential audience. The phones are already there. More Apps! More Apps!