Sunday, September 09, 2012

Poetry Friday on Sunday

Before I begin my poem I'd just like to say one thing.  No one ever said Poetry Friday had to always be a deep peer into the questions of life.  Ahem.
The word for Friday was Cheesy.  Here we go....

Ode to the Cheesy Puff

Your neon orange infused crunch
coats my fingers to the touch.
Popping you in whole,
rolling you across the tongue
leaching your coating to my soul, I
forget all that Paleo, Athens, Southern Beaches
mastication incarceration.
I'll fight for my dusted wormy love
to the bitter end of obscene
then pop them in again
and lick my fingers clean.
(Just a note I know that Athens isn't a real diet, I was being obscure)

1 comment:

jaded said...

Ah...I snacked on these recently and never considered the literary relevance of artificial dairy flavors.

I imagine athens will be a re real diet soon...consider your poetry an omen.