Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Poetry Friday Word

photo courtesy of:  http://www.toasto.com/free-photos/food-and-drink/drinks/row-of-espresso-coffee-cups/ 

My husband and I just finished our first collaborative pass of editing on one of my books.  In three days.  It was intense and creative and fun.  He  has boosted my confidence in my storytelling and we've noted exciting changes that should make this book a raucous adventure and we weeded out the cheesy.
                                --me cheesy?  Somehow it crept in.  Actually I know how.  I wanted to keep writing and my inability to continue while something or someone remains unnamed slowed me down so that I quickly gave stupid names that coincided with their purpose or talent.  In short, cheesy.

I hadn't expected working on my writing with my husband to be so much fun.  As many artists, I can be touchy about criticism, though I get better at it by the day.  In this case, he and I had a lot of laughs over my mistakes and we experienced great moments of brainstorm that infused us with the fervor equivalent to many cups of good coffee taken in succession.  (The many cups of coffee we drank didn't hurt either.)

Now that I'm all fired up, let's do some poetry this week!  Ooh, let's use the word cheesy.  That could throw us into many arenas of thought.  See you on Friday for the Poetry Friday!


De said...

That's awesome! Glad you could work together like that. Cant wait...

Maybe now that the kids are back at school I'll feel more like writing. This summer has been like a wasps' nest in my head.

De said...

PS. Let's have coffee sometime.