Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A Poem, Pins, Pearls and a Word

'Lucy you got some splainin' to do!' - actually I won't bore you with explanations but I do have some catchin' up to do, so here goes.  First the poem.  Last week's word was screen.  This image of a toddler face bathed in sunlight behind a screen door had been floating around in my head but the words to go with it wouldn't come out of hiding.  I have vivid memories of summer vacations and playing with my cousins at my grandparent's house.  Perhaps the words wouldn't come because memories can obscure what I want to say with too much emotion.  Sometimes it's like that.


Sun filters through screen where
a toddler face, watermelon sticky,
peers out into the unreachable world.
Longer legs traipse through, streaming
words behind them as they go.
Banging door creaks.
Inside means cookies, outside

I have a ton of Pins in my board this week.  Check it out:

And here are a couple of Pearls for this week:

Betty Crocker had a post about making mini pies like pot pies and then freezing them for later.  Looks convenient.

Also I found this recipe for Long Boy Burgers which we tried out last night.  We liked them but wished for more saucy flavor.  Next time we will add jalapenos or extra sauces like bbq or maybe even salsa.

And of course there's Poetry Friday for this week.  Let's get a little Halloween spirit started for this month and use the word GHOST.


De said...

ah, that's just the screen door I was picturing.

I have a screen in my mind's eye, a riddle to sift everything through...nothing put together yet.

jaded said...

Choosing between cookies and freedom? How cruel!

When I visualize toddlers, I picture them with sticky faces...and usually across the room.