Monday, October 08, 2012

I have a surprise for Poetry Friday!

I made a video for Poetry Friday.  Below the video I've printed the actual poem.  Check back tomorrow for this week's Pins and Pearls and a word for this Friday's poems!


Desperation seeps in
on the morning smog
smashing into my shelter
where the tears of ghosts stain my window
and the marrow goes cold.
Indecision, a petrifying foe.
There is sedition in
the ranks of my strength:
confidence cowered away
self-assurance unhinged and trembled
courage fully betrayed
groveling on the floor
begging for sanctuary behind convenient
pillars of panic and passive inertia.
This killing is quiet.
Softly was beaten by a stick.
The slow melt into
the crack and groan of weakened bones
the agonizing slide
the free-hang over and
clambering to. To emerge
would require a backbone
where atrophy set in.
To reach
always it's about the reach.
To concoct a refurbished future
somehow a fresh foot in. 

1 comment:

jaded said...

Transition is tough. On some level, Life seems to be one state of transition followed by another,. I makes me wonder how long humans would be able to survive without change...or if we would ever adapt.