Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pins Pearls Words Words Words

So I hadn't had a chance to post up the Pins and Pearls for this week.  Plus we'll be needing a word for Poetry Friday too.

In Pins we've got some geekery, some craftiness, chocolate chip cookie cups (OMG yes!) and a really disgusting Halloween costume.  Come take a look.  Just click on the picture to port yourself over to my Pinterest board for the week:

And in Pearls:

photo and original site: http://www.pintsizeproductions.com/

orignal website address: http://thecareyadventures.com/blog/


We bought apples at the farmer's market over the past weekend.  They were honeycrisp apples and let me tell you, eating one plain is like having dessert.  We used most of them to make applesauce.  It is heavenly and has this lovely pink hue.  However, my children have informed me that they do not like applesauce.  What???  What kid doesn't like applesauce?  Apparently I have not one, but two of the only kids in the world that don't.  How'd I get so lucky?  So I'm planning to make a bunch of cakes with applesauce in them.  Kids - go figure.

For this Friday, in honor of my silly children and the beautiful applesauce that we made but they refuse to eat, we'll use the word SAUCE.  Whip up something fun for Friday!

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