Saturday, October 20, 2012

Poetry Friday - Shed

What's Left

He comes at you in fits and starts
dragging an ankle
changing the angle of his head
as though he could force
you into focus.
He seems to hold
some recollection of you.
You can see his hair
has fled and
the repulsive way
his skin peels and sheds.
You can change the image
to the man you knew before.
How once he loved you
and trust came implicitly, and yet
it cannot fully erase
his current intent to chomp at your flesh.
You raise the barrel
of the long steel that has now
become your inseparable lover.
You cradle it into you, whisper
your new-found trust and
gently squeeze its trigger.
Down goes the man of your dreams
twitching the last of
what's left of who he was.
You stuff your heart in your pocket
and don't forget the double tap.

1 comment:

jaded said...

Zombie reference? Nice touch referencing the double tap.