Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No Implosions Allowed

I'm so close to having my editing pass done on my book.  So close.  Right now the count is 23 pages left.  Of course for every 10 pages I edit, I seem to add 2.  Which feels wrong.  I thought I'd be cutting it down.  Here's the thing.  I did a lot of cutting and rearranging in the first half of the book, but the second half, well that half just had a lot of things missing, thus the adding in.  When writing the book, (this happened on the second book I wrote too) as I got nearer and nearer to the end it felt like the whole story was crashing in to the end too fast.  Now I can see why.  It's not that I tried to rush myself.  It's that so many elements come together in the end and as they collide and culminate, the story itself starts to implode.  Not in a bad way.  More in a "Hurray, we made it to the resolution of the story!" way.  But as I write the ending, more and more elements that are in my head do not make it to the page.  Though, at the time, I thought they did.  Now that we've gone back and studied the story critically it was easy to see that many things I thought I'd written had stayed lodged in my noggin.  That brings me back to my current editing state.  So close to being done.  But I can't let the story rush this time, I have to be methodical and careful.  So close.

Here are some pins from last week.  There are a few geeky t-shirts.  One teacher's very clever assignment: Angry Verbs.  Reindeer beer.  Some jokes.  Chinese space children.  Seriously.  And have you heard that saying, "Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus"?  Well there's a news clipping in there where that originated.  I hadn't known that one and found it intriguing.  Just click on the picture and Enjoy!

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