Friday, December 28, 2012

Pins for end of December 2012

My biggest Pinboard yet I think.  Tons of fun, geeky things.  Bookish things.  Food.  Furniture to sink, seriously sink in to.  Some gorgeous ladies rockin' their age.  Some inspirational art.  Go enjoy.  I'll see you in the new year!

(just click on the photo to get to the whole Pinterest board)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holidays and Zombies

Due to holiday festivities, I will be gone from this space for a few days.  I am having the most glorious time with my family.  I've even had a dream that I was a zombie sniper in the zombie apocalypse.  That's what I call a great vacation.  =)

Happy Holidays!

(new poem and video to come when I return)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Exercise Regime

I have a new exercise program.  I have to say it's easy, cheap and already I can feel the effects.  I must share it with you.

You will need plenty of layers of warm clothes.
Dress yourself well, don't worry about being too hot.  In fact, you might even want to include those little pouches of hand warmers in layers of mittens and boots.
Next, take a snow shovel.  Maybe two.
Go outside.  Start shovelling.  Use a large bucket shovel like this one:

to lift large quantities of snow and carry it outside of your driveway area, preferably in the street in front of your house away from the side where the street plow will arrive.  Use a scraping shovel like this one:

to scoot even more snow down your driveway into nice big piles of the white s***.  Then get your bucket shovel and start moving big amounts again.  You'll begin to sweat at this point.  That's a good thing.  Also, if you swear a lot, that's a good thing too.  It does nothing toward weight loss or muscle building, but it feels great to throw a few f-bombs at the piles of cr** you're moving.  If you get snow blowing in your eyes, just keep going.  When you are done, go inside, take off all your wet clothes and change into dry comfortable clothing.  Make yourself a gigantic mug of hot chocolate and pile it up with a ton of whipped cream.  Don't worry about the calories, you just worked off that mug and 100 more at least.  In fact, forget about worrying about calories, weight or BMI.  Screw those skinny models, they've got nothing on you.  You just shoveled a half ton of snow.  Try that b****es!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Getting Pinned and a word for Poetry Friday

I've got two weeks worth of Pins for ya.

First up was the week of December 3rd.  I had a rather Star Warsy week that week.  But I think my favorite Pin from that week is the cover Pin shown below.  I do love Poppets. (remember just click the picture and it will take you to the whole board for the week.)

As for the week of December 10th, it was a slower week.  But it has a couple of great Big Bang Theory pics, among other things.

Wanna do a Poetry Friday this week?  I'm figuring next week won't be very conducive to poetry posts, it being Christmas week and all.  So let's give it one last bang for this week.  In fact, that's a great word: BANG.  There you have it.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Enfolded into Geekdom

I recently watched this YouTube video by the Black Nerd.  In short, he is 'ranting' about guys who try to make a girl prove she is a geek or who like to dismiss girls as ever being able to be a gamer or a geek.  It's an excellent little video, if you have time, check it out.

Something he said struck a chord with me.  He mentions that the geek relationships you see that really work are because the guy either never questioned the girl's geekiness or if she wasn't a geek to begin with, he happily shared that with her and she grew to be one.  Of course, this goes both ways I'm sure.  There are most likely many cases of girl geeks who bring guys into the fold.

I am sort of an in betweener.  I was a fledgling geek when my husband and I met.  After we married and over the span of our ten years together, he has brought me deeper and deeper into the fold.  For instance, I never used to analyze movies as I watched them.  But now, I have moments like last night.  When watching Chain Reaction, Keanu Reeves was in a stairwell going up to find where the bad guys were.  He knew they had guns.  I said, "Man, stairs are a bad tactical place to be."  My husband just about cried.  Later in the movie, Keanu knocks the valve off of a hydrogen tank to get it to blast toward a large slab of cement.  When using the axe, he and his cohort put a shirt over the head before swinging the blow.  My husband asked if I knew why they used the shirt.  "To prevent a spark," I said.  Again with the happy tears.  I have to credit that one with Mythbusters I think.  In any case, not that any of this proves my geekiness.  It proves I've learned a ton of cool stuff by proxy of being married to a guy who is into that kind of thing.

But this brings me to another thought.  That geekdom comes in so many forms you couldn't possibly 'test' anyone about their status in it.  For instance, there are movie geeks, gamer geeks, board game geeks, comic book geeks, computer programmer geeks, I could go on and on.  I think being a geek is mostly about passion for things that challenge the brain in whatever form interests you.  So, whatever you're drawn to, go be geeky about it!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Poetry Friday - Moss

First Loss

Dropped amongst the dampened mosses
forsaken to the autumn frost
a treasure, mourned its leap from pocket
and sought
through panicked tears.
A story of the wisened
in the summers of that briefest time
to lament a tree with limbs
which beckoned to be climbed.
His first lesson of death and loss,
those harsh unbiased teachers,
to dispense how grief
will wax and linger
even in the grayest years.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Pins and Poetry

I've been a little gone from this space.  We had Thanksgiving and then I got lost in space finishing my edits on the novel.  I'm so excited.  We're just so close from being ready to publish.  Then again, as this is our first time for everything, the things we have left to do could end up taking exorbitant amounts of time to do.  I doubt it though.  In any case, until then, there is this space and poetry and stories.

First, the Pins for this week.  My board for this week is meager.  But, it exists so there you are.  Just click on the picture to get there.

I miss the poetry.  Shall we dig back in this week?  I think to give even more lead time, I'll throw a word at you today.  Oh my, breaking with tradition.  

We just watched Brave this past weekend.  Well, to be honest, I watched it three times.  I love the lilty sound of the Scottish accent, and the film itself is gorgeous.  One thing you'll notice immediately is how much green the film has.  In the special features, they had footage of the team visiting Scotland and all of the scenery is truly, amazingly green.  In fact, it impressed me so much that I'll tell you a little story.  My husband and I were dreaming of having 10 books published.  He said, when you publish your 10th book, we'll buy you a new car.  Frankly, I'm no car person.  To me they are necessary evils.  Even if we had a purely electric car, it is still a car and they are never, ever an investment.  Sooo, I countered, "Instead of a car, on the 10th book published I want a nice bottle of champagne and a trip to Europe."  So, we have an agreement and I will hold him to it.  Heh.  I was, by the way, thinking of all that green in Scotland when I said that and maybe that's where we'll fly off to in celebration of that 10th book.  In honor of Scotland and my husband agreeing to take me somewhere fabulous, the word for this week is MOSS, as in, all the mossy greens of Scotland.  

Don't forget, Friday, post up a poem, story, art, anything you like that refers to MOSS.  Then drop back here or my Facebook page to share your link so everyone can see!