Monday, December 17, 2012

Enfolded into Geekdom

I recently watched this YouTube video by the Black Nerd.  In short, he is 'ranting' about guys who try to make a girl prove she is a geek or who like to dismiss girls as ever being able to be a gamer or a geek.  It's an excellent little video, if you have time, check it out.

Something he said struck a chord with me.  He mentions that the geek relationships you see that really work are because the guy either never questioned the girl's geekiness or if she wasn't a geek to begin with, he happily shared that with her and she grew to be one.  Of course, this goes both ways I'm sure.  There are most likely many cases of girl geeks who bring guys into the fold.

I am sort of an in betweener.  I was a fledgling geek when my husband and I met.  After we married and over the span of our ten years together, he has brought me deeper and deeper into the fold.  For instance, I never used to analyze movies as I watched them.  But now, I have moments like last night.  When watching Chain Reaction, Keanu Reeves was in a stairwell going up to find where the bad guys were.  He knew they had guns.  I said, "Man, stairs are a bad tactical place to be."  My husband just about cried.  Later in the movie, Keanu knocks the valve off of a hydrogen tank to get it to blast toward a large slab of cement.  When using the axe, he and his cohort put a shirt over the head before swinging the blow.  My husband asked if I knew why they used the shirt.  "To prevent a spark," I said.  Again with the happy tears.  I have to credit that one with Mythbusters I think.  In any case, not that any of this proves my geekiness.  It proves I've learned a ton of cool stuff by proxy of being married to a guy who is into that kind of thing.

But this brings me to another thought.  That geekdom comes in so many forms you couldn't possibly 'test' anyone about their status in it.  For instance, there are movie geeks, gamer geeks, board game geeks, comic book geeks, computer programmer geeks, I could go on and on.  I think being a geek is mostly about passion for things that challenge the brain in whatever form interests you.  So, whatever you're drawn to, go be geeky about it!


jaded said...

I never considered a geek having to establish his or her legitimacy with other like individuals. Oh the things we feel pressured to do in order to belong.

Lynnea said...

Jaded, I know. And being a geek was always a haven from the fact that a person didn't fit in with anyone else, so banded with other kids/people who understood them. (I suppose, in reality that's simply what everyone does). I was surprised to find out how badly some girls are treated in the geek community. (This mainly occurs in the gamer community though - at least it is where the harassment of females happens the most).