Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Exercise Regime

I have a new exercise program.  I have to say it's easy, cheap and already I can feel the effects.  I must share it with you.

You will need plenty of layers of warm clothes.
Dress yourself well, don't worry about being too hot.  In fact, you might even want to include those little pouches of hand warmers in layers of mittens and boots.
Next, take a snow shovel.  Maybe two.
Go outside.  Start shovelling.  Use a large bucket shovel like this one:

to lift large quantities of snow and carry it outside of your driveway area, preferably in the street in front of your house away from the side where the street plow will arrive.  Use a scraping shovel like this one:

to scoot even more snow down your driveway into nice big piles of the white s***.  Then get your bucket shovel and start moving big amounts again.  You'll begin to sweat at this point.  That's a good thing.  Also, if you swear a lot, that's a good thing too.  It does nothing toward weight loss or muscle building, but it feels great to throw a few f-bombs at the piles of cr** you're moving.  If you get snow blowing in your eyes, just keep going.  When you are done, go inside, take off all your wet clothes and change into dry comfortable clothing.  Make yourself a gigantic mug of hot chocolate and pile it up with a ton of whipped cream.  Don't worry about the calories, you just worked off that mug and 100 more at least.  In fact, forget about worrying about calories, weight or BMI.  Screw those skinny models, they've got nothing on you.  You just shoveled a half ton of snow.  Try that b****es!


jaded said...

I had a similar regiment last month except my equipment included a rake and a tarp.

Lynnea said...

Jaded, well, if you survived, there is hope for me. =)