Monday, December 03, 2012

Pins and Poetry

I've been a little gone from this space.  We had Thanksgiving and then I got lost in space finishing my edits on the novel.  I'm so excited.  We're just so close from being ready to publish.  Then again, as this is our first time for everything, the things we have left to do could end up taking exorbitant amounts of time to do.  I doubt it though.  In any case, until then, there is this space and poetry and stories.

First, the Pins for this week.  My board for this week is meager.  But, it exists so there you are.  Just click on the picture to get there.

I miss the poetry.  Shall we dig back in this week?  I think to give even more lead time, I'll throw a word at you today.  Oh my, breaking with tradition.  

We just watched Brave this past weekend.  Well, to be honest, I watched it three times.  I love the lilty sound of the Scottish accent, and the film itself is gorgeous.  One thing you'll notice immediately is how much green the film has.  In the special features, they had footage of the team visiting Scotland and all of the scenery is truly, amazingly green.  In fact, it impressed me so much that I'll tell you a little story.  My husband and I were dreaming of having 10 books published.  He said, when you publish your 10th book, we'll buy you a new car.  Frankly, I'm no car person.  To me they are necessary evils.  Even if we had a purely electric car, it is still a car and they are never, ever an investment.  Sooo, I countered, "Instead of a car, on the 10th book published I want a nice bottle of champagne and a trip to Europe."  So, we have an agreement and I will hold him to it.  Heh.  I was, by the way, thinking of all that green in Scotland when I said that and maybe that's where we'll fly off to in celebration of that 10th book.  In honor of Scotland and my husband agreeing to take me somewhere fabulous, the word for this week is MOSS, as in, all the mossy greens of Scotland.  

Don't forget, Friday, post up a poem, story, art, anything you like that refers to MOSS.  Then drop back here or my Facebook page to share your link so everyone can see!


De said...

Coincidentally, we are seeing Brave for the first time this weekend too. I use the present tense because while the kids saw it on Saturday night, I haven't finished yet: I have the last 30 minutes to go. I borrowed the movie the Secret of Kells from the library, so I'll have something In the same vein to watch after that.

Lynnea said...

De, let me know what you think. When we saw Brave in the theater, I was a little dubious of the Princess idea permeating the Pixar films and therefore critical of it. But on having seen it again, I have to say I really love it and of course, she's not your typical Disney princess. Also, we watched the Secret of Kells a while ago and loved that. It was odd if I remember right but lovely.

jaded said...

Congratulations! Being this close to publishing is no small accomplishment. I've heard publishing a novel compared to giving birth. Both endeavors require being completely present, and both temporarily selfish and selfless.