Monday, January 28, 2013

Pins for January 21, 2013

Lucy, I've got some Pins for you!

Do you like Dr. Who? SNL parody of Sean Connery on Jeopardy? Maybe a little Star Wars love? Perhaps you'd enjoy seeing a CT scan of a NASA space suit? (trust me it's more fabulous than it sounds). An anatomically correct heart brooch? Where the Wild Things Are? Some wild things? A survival bracelet? 

Suffice it to say there are Pins in this week's board for many flavors of human interest.  Click on the picture and check for yourself:

I'm leaving town for the week.  Seattle residents, batten down your hatches, storm Lynnea is coming to town!  As for the rest of you, I cannot in good conscience promise a poem.  But I will provide a word if  any of you care to make your own Poetry Friday and if by some miracle I happen to make a poem, I'll put it up.  But I'm not promising.  =)

How about we use the word HATCH?  That could be fun.

See you soon.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Poetry Friday - Sole

So the Poetry Friday word for this week is Sole.  I've written a poem I'm calling Ectothermic Corpse.
Here is the video reading:

(the post by Wil Wheaton can be read here, which as it turns out he was quoting Jenny the Bloggess
from her post about depression which I had also read at the time and found poignant. So there's this whole circle of thought I went round without even realizing it, Woot!)

Ectothermic Corpse

In the supermarket seafood aisle
where emotions run high
because apparently the little curls
of frozen vapor
twirling up from the big display
have some field of draw
on the burning in me,
I am staring,
have forgotten what I wanted
in the overwhelming ubiquity
that is bereaved fish.

There one lay, close to me,
snugged on its bed of shaved ice
staring up with one dead eye.
'I am the sole of discretion'.
It entices me to confess.
'You look like you might need
a friend' it says.

I peer deeper into the glass jelly orb
of what it once saw with
and I hesitate,
open my mouth, feel the budding stutters
of my hem
and haw
as though this were a therapist's office,
what should I say
where to begin.
'Just begin with' he stops as though
he were thinking,
'begin with where it began'.
That's difficult to say, beginnings
can be so gradual.

I am aware of people passing
oblivious of my intimacy here,
wandering from bin to bin, choosing this
type of cheese, that package of
smoked meat.

It's nothing, really, I say.
He continues to watch me,
like someone patient, waiting for what is
clearly lingering in the corners of my mouth
and straining against the muscles of my face.
Never has the glass between me and my food
felt so transparent and unforgiving.
I shift my weight, left foot to right,
and avert my eyes from his omniscient fix.

I know I'm called out for living dead
by this ectothermic corpse but
if I had the words to describe
what makes me recede from pain into pain,
if I had a sense of where my organs
go when hiding from the great emotional lie,
I'd spit it out, gagging for air, if I could.
I can't, I whisper.
'Very well' he says and I swear
I can see his shoulder shrug.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pins, Pins more Pins

How long has it been since I've posted up Pins?  I've got 3 weeks worth for you here.  I am still debating the whole spam poem deal.  I think I've found a solution.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll explain.  I was reading spam comments here on the blog that Blogger had so kindly tucked away out of sight.  I started using bits and pieces of them to create a poem.  It was a hoot and I'd like to share it in a video reading.  The only trouble is that the poem has a rather dirty punchline ending.  I don't want to offend any readers and I especially don't want to freak out any parents or young people who would be readers of my coming books.  So. I think I might do a reading and use a little good old-fashioned sound effect obscuration.  Give me a little time to figure it out.  In the meantime, we could re-institute Poetry Friday, it's good for your soul.  It might even be good for your sole.  (Shoe or fish doesn't matter, good sole is good sole.)  Aha!  Now that's a great word for a Poetry Friday: SOLE.  Go be funky with it.

And now for those Pins (remember, just click on the picture and it will take you to the Pinboard for that week):

for the week of January 1st

Enjoy a good dose of geekery in this one with Space Invaders, Han Solo and even Wesley Crusher.

for the week of January 8th
This is a rather small board, but still, who can resist a Spock monkey?

for the week of January 14th
Another small one, I'll have to get busier on my Pinterest work.  However I have to say, even this 4 pin board has some goodies, and one especially for those Harry Potter fans to redeem myself, a bit.

Have fun and catch you tomorrow!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

In Which I Ask for Trouble from Potter Fans

Harry Potter fans, please don't hunt me down and pummel me with your fervor for saying this, but...

Did anyone besides me ever find it difficult and frustrating to read Hermione? Not the character, she's a stupendous character. Gads how I love strong female characters, they were always always my favorites as a child and that hasn't changed. In fact, this video I caught about the character is very touching,

you should check it out if you haven't seen it.  But her name, I couldn't stand her name.  It halted my tongue every time I ran into it.  I don't like names in books that act like speed bumps.  I pray I never commit that sin.  I probably will at some point.  Heck maybe I've done it in the book I'm writing.  It's why I'm stumped.  I'm passing through it for a 4th edit and I have several names which need fixing.  Names are daunting.

Back to Hermione. Does anyone know why she chose that name?  Maybe in Britain it's such a common name that it flows when they read it?  Frankly to me it sounds like a medical condition that would make you double over in gastronomic pain.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I'm sitting here writing this and I realized that I never finished the series.  Seriously Potter fans, please don't hurt me.  I was reading it to my son who was much younger then and after book six I think it was, I just couldn't take the whole Dursley family introduction one more time.  I believe the Dursleys may have prevented me from some enjoyable reading.  If my husband's assessment of the movies is correct, the story got better and better toward the end.  Which makes sense. And now I've revealed that I haven't even finished watching the films.  They go so dark and I'm such a wuss that I stopped watching after film 5.  I think I had better rectify my situation this year and read those books and then maybe even watch the rest of the films.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

What is this Sentence a Day Thing?

You may notice I've added a page to the blog.  Up there at the top you can see it's called Sentence a Day Story.

Here's what I'm doing.  In an effort to encourage myself to write every day, I am writing a story one sentence a day and posting each sentence on Twitter.  I am adding each sentence to the story on the page as I go as well.  When all is said and done, there should be a fully fleshed out short story on the Sentence a Day Story page.  This way I have to write at least one sentence each day.  Just one sounds a lot less insurmountable than write every day.  Besides, it's fun this way.  So you can follow me on Twitter (@LynneaLTaylor or just use the follow button in the sidebar, then look for #sentenceadaystory) or you can hop in here every day or from time to time and check the development of the story.

One sentence.  A small thing to be happy for, each day.

"All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know." ~Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Reading Challenge 2013

Will you join?

Pop on over to Goodreads and get yourself started.

My goal:  35 books.
Last year I read: 31 books.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Year of Imperfection

Enjoy the little things

Of course I had to post something on the first day of this auspicious year of 2013.  You may be wondering why I declare it an auspicious year given that is a statement rather grandiose, if a bit ostentatious.  Hear me out.  I foresee 2013 as auspicious for exactly the opposite reasons of anything akin to grandeur.

First, 2013 has already elevated itself above 2012 by the fact that we are still here and yet we spent the last year hearing countless warnings from over-enthusiasts concerning a calendar system dating back to at least 5 BCE.

Second, as far as we know, the zombie apocalypse did not begin as yet.  I will venture out onto a limb to predict that it will not begin in 2013.  Zombies may feed into our fears, but never forget that even the undead are as superstitious as the living.  No self-respecting zombie would start a plague in a year ending in 13.

There are of course, many wondrous things on the verge of happening.  Peer into the scientific community and your head might explode with all the amazing things they are learning, trying and accomplishing.  But, in all I'd say 2013 will not end in Armageddon and rain of fire and brimstone.  I like that.  It's a humble starting point for a year.

As for me, my "resolutions" are but one.  This year, I am celebrating imperfection.  I am laughing when things go wrong and laughing when they go right.  I am expecting less than perfection out of myself but striving for excellence in the fullness of living.

In short, I plan to be happy in the little things.