Monday, January 28, 2013

Pins for January 21, 2013

Lucy, I've got some Pins for you!

Do you like Dr. Who? SNL parody of Sean Connery on Jeopardy? Maybe a little Star Wars love? Perhaps you'd enjoy seeing a CT scan of a NASA space suit? (trust me it's more fabulous than it sounds). An anatomically correct heart brooch? Where the Wild Things Are? Some wild things? A survival bracelet? 

Suffice it to say there are Pins in this week's board for many flavors of human interest.  Click on the picture and check for yourself:

I'm leaving town for the week.  Seattle residents, batten down your hatches, storm Lynnea is coming to town!  As for the rest of you, I cannot in good conscience promise a poem.  But I will provide a word if  any of you care to make your own Poetry Friday and if by some miracle I happen to make a poem, I'll put it up.  But I'm not promising.  =)

How about we use the word HATCH?  That could be fun.

See you soon.

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