Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Year of Imperfection

Enjoy the little things

Of course I had to post something on the first day of this auspicious year of 2013.  You may be wondering why I declare it an auspicious year given that is a statement rather grandiose, if a bit ostentatious.  Hear me out.  I foresee 2013 as auspicious for exactly the opposite reasons of anything akin to grandeur.

First, 2013 has already elevated itself above 2012 by the fact that we are still here and yet we spent the last year hearing countless warnings from over-enthusiasts concerning a calendar system dating back to at least 5 BCE.

Second, as far as we know, the zombie apocalypse did not begin as yet.  I will venture out onto a limb to predict that it will not begin in 2013.  Zombies may feed into our fears, but never forget that even the undead are as superstitious as the living.  No self-respecting zombie would start a plague in a year ending in 13.

There are of course, many wondrous things on the verge of happening.  Peer into the scientific community and your head might explode with all the amazing things they are learning, trying and accomplishing.  But, in all I'd say 2013 will not end in Armageddon and rain of fire and brimstone.  I like that.  It's a humble starting point for a year.

As for me, my "resolutions" are but one.  This year, I am celebrating imperfection.  I am laughing when things go wrong and laughing when they go right.  I am expecting less than perfection out of myself but striving for excellence in the fullness of living.

In short, I plan to be happy in the little things.

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