Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pins, Word

Hey, I've got some Pins for ya!  From super cool treehouses, celebs doing odd things, crocheted anatomy to Star Wars puns, LEGO Star Trek Enterprise and lovely gardens.  Check it all out by clicking the picture below.

As for Poetry Friday this week, I'd like to join in this time.  I've been battling the Inner Lie of late but am feeling as though the fog is lifting, finally.  What better time to write poetry then, wouldn't you say? I'm thinking, maybe we could use the word MIND.  You know because the Inner Lie happens in your mind and that's a picture of Yoda up there, who is a Jedi, which we all know have Jedi mind tricks.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Wesley Crusher Effect and The Deanna Troi Ineptitude

My husband and I have been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation in order from the beginning since it came out on Netflix Canada.  Some observations:

1. My husband informs me that Wesley Crusher was one of the most hated characters on the show. I had no idea. When I was young and watched it, he was chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with whipped cream on top, but then I was also tumbling all over for the karate kid, so yeah. Watching it now I think I can see why the character might have been annoying. He's perfect. He's always nice, overly nice. The only mistake he's made so far was to accidentally release nanites on the ship which started to eat away at it causing system failures that could have killed the entire crew or blew up the ship or something. But, he accidentally released them because he was studying and they were part of an experiment - seriously even his mistakes are founded in super-good-kid attributes.  (He provides a great study in why characters should have flaws.) On the other hand, evil Wil Wheaton probably enjoys such popularity on The Big Bang Theory precisely because he's so damn evil, counteracting his younger character's fairy tale prince persona.

2. What the hell is up with Deanna Troi?  Have you ever noticed how useless she is?  Some communication will happen, the Captain will turn to her and she'll say, "I'm not sure but it feels as though he's lying." or "I can feel that something isn't right but I can't explain it." How about this one, "There is life on the planet, but it's so strange, I can't understand it. It doesn't feel like normal life" or "Something's wrong. I don't know what it is." -- for an empath she seriously doesn't give much information.  Oh and whenever something is direly wrong, she NEVER tells the captain or Dr. Crusher.  She keeps it all to herself until it's almost too late and/or she's screaming in agony.  Uh duh?

3. When you watch the show do you find yourself listening to Data trying to catch him in a contraction?


We need a word for Poetry Friday.  This week let's use CHARACTER.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Conversations with my Husband

photo by quicheisinsane at Flickr found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gifake/5203458737/

Me:  I thought of something last night.  We totally live in the perfect place in case a pandemic or the zombie apocalypse breaks out.

Phillipe: Why?

Me: Because it's cold up here, like way too cold.  Zombies would come into Canada and say, "Brains. No, no brains, too cold." And then they'd leave.

Phillipe: Good thing you convinced us to move here then.

Me: I know.  I'm all about protecting the kids.  You too, but you know you can kill zombies.

Phillipe: How do you know that?  I've never killed one before.

Me: Well there was that one giant spider that stalked me in the basement for months, and you killed that like nothing.

Phillipe: Zombies and spiders are not the same thing.

Me: Yes they are.  Zombies are mindless evil things that want to eat you.  Spiders are mindless evil things that want to eat you plus they have eight legs which makes them even more dangerous than zombies.  So you know, you'd be like the superhero of a zombie apocalypse!

Phillipe - kisses me and says, "I love you, you freaky geek."


 By the way, when googling in image search for 'zombieland' a picture of a woman grabbing her breasts comes up. What does that have to do with zombies?

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

At the Ticket Counter

Real Customer Service:

Me: It says here that my seat is a middle seat.  Do you happen to have any window seats?

Ticket Agent: Ooh, I'm not sure yet.  Do you mind aisle seats?

Me: No that would be fine too.

Ticket Agent: I will call you when I know if I can move you.

Me: Thanks.

wait wait wait wait

Ticket Agent: Lynnea Taylor to the counter please.

--in my head: ooh I was just intercommed to the counter in a major international airport, people might be thinking, hey who is that important person? Or maybe they were thinking, cool, someone's going to be strip searched, let's go look!

Ticket Agent: Do you mind sitting in the emergency exit row?

--in my head: emergency exit row means I might have to open a door for a plane full of panicked people who might want to squeeze the life out of me to exit the plane, but then, there would be that power of telling people "one at a time please, orderly and calm!" and then only allowing them to exit if they knew the secret password and when they didn't know the secret password I would have to make them hold their nose while singing The Wheels On the Bus, plus there is that minor benefit of extra leg room

Me: Oh no not at all, I'm very good with people and can boss like a boss.

**disclaimer: I'm not good with people and I have never bossed like a boss.  Plus I most likely never said this to the pleasant ticket agent who set me up with the best seat in the house.