Wednesday, February 06, 2013

At the Ticket Counter

Real Customer Service:

Me: It says here that my seat is a middle seat.  Do you happen to have any window seats?

Ticket Agent: Ooh, I'm not sure yet.  Do you mind aisle seats?

Me: No that would be fine too.

Ticket Agent: I will call you when I know if I can move you.

Me: Thanks.

wait wait wait wait

Ticket Agent: Lynnea Taylor to the counter please.

--in my head: ooh I was just intercommed to the counter in a major international airport, people might be thinking, hey who is that important person? Or maybe they were thinking, cool, someone's going to be strip searched, let's go look!

Ticket Agent: Do you mind sitting in the emergency exit row?

--in my head: emergency exit row means I might have to open a door for a plane full of panicked people who might want to squeeze the life out of me to exit the plane, but then, there would be that power of telling people "one at a time please, orderly and calm!" and then only allowing them to exit if they knew the secret password and when they didn't know the secret password I would have to make them hold their nose while singing The Wheels On the Bus, plus there is that minor benefit of extra leg room

Me: Oh no not at all, I'm very good with people and can boss like a boss.

**disclaimer: I'm not good with people and I have never bossed like a boss.  Plus I most likely never said this to the pleasant ticket agent who set me up with the best seat in the house.


jaded said...

Gate agents frequently hold exit rows until last, trying to fill them them with company employees flying space available. While passengers have done a good job of gaming the upgrade system they've been slower to jump on the exit row leg room.

Lynnea said...

Jaded, tell you what, I'm going to be all over that next time I fly. That was a comfortable flight.