Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How Long?

I must have at least three or four weeks worth of pins.  I've been absent from this place during my immersion in editing.  I can see now why authors say they get sick of their book.  I have edited so much that I am waning in love for the tale.  However, this tedium, the fixing and refixing, is necessary.  In any case, that leads me to these pins I've been collecting.  I'd like to share them with you.

for the Week of April 8th
(Come on in and see a Death Star firepit, a sassy grandfather clock, a flying spaghetti monster ornament, Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra - if you get this I love you, and instructions for dancing Thriller.)

for the Week of April 1st

(Here you will find a LEGO Bob Ross - oh yes!, a steampunk bird, Alfred Hitchcock and some rather menacing birds, Firefly art, a Boba Fett KitchenAid and even some beachy coastal art.)

for the Week of March 26th
(Whose life would be complete without seeing Star Wars yoga, a frozen bubble, or Stormtrooper love? No, then how about a kitten, everyone loves kittens.)

for the Week of March 18th

(LEGO gangsters, pencil art, The Dude t-shirt, a firefly tattoo and a crime scene beach towel, to name a few goodies in this one.)

for the Week of March 11th
(Here you will find a little LEGO naughtiness, an anatomically correct heart necklace, a black unicorn and the comfiest couch you've ever seen.)

I was wrong.  It was five weeks worth.  Huh.

While I've got you here, would you like a word for Poetry Friday?  Ok.  How about BOOTS?
See you there!

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