Monday, May 06, 2013

Pins with a Creepy Monkey Flower

Check this out, did you know that orchids come in a Creepy Monkey Variety?  OK, they're not actually called Creepy Monkey - but they should be.  If that were in my house, I'd be scared to go near it.  If you dare, go to my pin board and see it closer - chills up spine.  While you're there, you'll get to see some other cool stuff like a necklace made from a dog nose impression (an actual dog nose impression), some funky lamps (even one that looks like a dog - is there a theme here?), a cat squishing itself into a bowl (dumb cats), glow in the dark sunglasses (which is kind of backwards if you think about it), a giant shark head for your wall (this is actually cool), Totoro espresso foam, a Battleship USB hub, and even Darth Vader in a kilt on a unicycle playing bagpipes - seriously.  Go, go on.  (Just click the picture and enter the rabbit hole.)

Also, we'll need a word for Poetry Friday.  Hopefully this week I can eke out some poetry, especially in light of the fact that my husband just gave me a real microphone for my birthday and I can record my poetry now without sounding like a snake with a lisp which is just plain annoying right?  Oh yeah, a word.  Let's use IMPRESSION - there's an odd one.

Remember: Poetry Friday is mainly a prompt to make something cool with whatever art form you choose, I just happen to gravitate to poetry.  Use the word as inspiration and inject it in a story, a poem, the imagery of it in a piece of art or whatever gets your juices flowing.  If you make one, get the word out - post a url here in the comments on Friday (post will say Poetry Friday), or tweet with the hashtag #poetryfriday.  See you there!