Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pins, Hey There

Hi.  I'm alive.  We've been renovating...our bathroom.  Let me tell you something, if you're ever going to do this, do it once and then never do it again.  Especially if it's the only bathroom in your house with bathing/showering facilities.  We have an extra powder room downstairs, thank everything.  But until about three days ago, we'd spent two weeks showering outside.  We set up a camping shelter built for showering, but we used that as our changing room.  We then strung shower curtains from that to our outdoor shower which before this had been used only for cooling off purposes.  It's a lot different to shower with soap and clean than to jump in the cold cold water for a few seconds while wearing your bathing suit.  Thankfully our backyard has a great deal of privacy, especially since we have no neighbors behind us.  But I will never want to have to shower outside again.  I mean it!

Want to see some fun pins?  I've got one board that is labeled for a week but truthfully has pins of about a month on it.  The second one is for last week - small but fun.

Week of June 17 - but truthfully a whole month's worth

Week of July 8th

It's great to be back.  I have a poem to share for Friday and then next week, I'll post up a word for Poetry Friday and we can get back to that too!  See you soon.


De said...

It's great that you are back! of course, I am on the computer just now scouring summer camps because I am starting a job next week, but...I actually do more when I am busier, so maybe there will be poetry writing in my future.

I didn't click through, but those woolly sheep are making me HOT.

jaded said...

Showering in your own backyard is hardcore.

Bathroom renovations can be deceptive. It's easy to think,"small apace no problem!" when nothing can be further from the truth with all that electrical, plumbing, and possible tile work. You guys totally get merit badges for this.