Friday, November 29, 2013

It's Official!

Drumroll please:

I have officially loosed my first-born book into the wild jungles of Amazon.

U.S. people, just click on the image above or just grab it from the sidebar.  For Canada, go HERE.  I haven't checked other countries yet, but it should be available in just about any of them, so go check the Amazon of your choice!
I'm so thrilled and excited.

I had wanted to get my book trailer video done and Phillipe wanted to make illustrations for it beyond the cover but that just wasn't possible at this time due to other commitments and we thought, what are we waiting for?  We should get it up there because it's the story that counts!  So there you go.  As we finish other pieces of the puzzle we'll post updates here.  You'll notice a page for the book on the menu bar which will have the links for major outlets to get the book for your digital devices, and also a page called Sneaking Out Extras.  There are already lots of fun tidbits there and if you check back from time to time we'll be adding more, like those illustrations he wants to do.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hell Hath no Fury Like a Construction Worker with a Drill


I am emerging from construction hell just long enough to make a post and throw up some pins.  I have a pin board, ostensibly named Week of October 7, but in actuality it covers all of October and most of November.  Go figure.

Book news.  I am so close to publishing my book I can practically smell the pages - well, actually, it's being published in digital format for now so I guess that would just be the pleasant odor of plastic hugging the words.  I am awaiting a few illustrations and working on a book trailer.  If those go smoothly in the next few weeks, a book publish date announcement will become official.  I don't want to jump the gun though.  Right now, I cannot possibly predict when I will be completely ready.  I have learned not to make promises until I know, for certain, that I'm ready.

I have to say, that after two to three years of working on this book, my head spins thinking of all the work it takes to prepare a book for the eyes of the world.  Even then, I still feel that the book is a d├ębut, rather naive thing, though I am proud of it.

Until we can move forward, I will share the cover image, to whet your appetite.

And here are those pins I promised: