Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reading, Writing, Pinning

For the last two years I tried to do the Goodreads reading challenge.  I first set myself a mighty goal  of 50 and that year I read around 30.  For the second year (this year) I scaled down to 35.  I did not even make it to half that.  In my defense, I spent most of the year editing my own book and we had 6 months of renovations (if you want to give your marriage or your life for that matter a trial by fire, then please, renovate your whole house for 6 months).  Suffice it to say that reading fell low low low on the priorities list.  Which is a horrible thing to have to say.  This year, I will not be joining the reading challenge.  Not because I believe it is a bad idea, but because at this point I cannot even begin to gauge how many books I'm capable of reading.   So, I'm going to ramp back into reading the best I can and see where this year takes me.

Speaking of ramping, now that the first book is out there, after two some years of editing, I'm dying to do some hardcore writing.  I've started a first draft on another book and in January I'm planning on living, sleeping, eating, showering with my head in the book.  I won't finish the first draft by any means in that month but I'm hoping to give it a kick so that I can finish the draft by early spring.  Then I'm going to be drowning in editing again.  It feels wonderful to have direction like this, to not have that strange floating sensation of searching for what I will do.  I'm doing it.  Hurrah.

Completely unrelatedly, have you ever noticed that succulents look alien?  Seriously, I bet they are extra-terrestrials hiding out in the guise of plants.
See what I mean?  Someone should write a Doctor Who with evil succulents.

Oh I have a bunch of Pins for you too.  You know, geeky stuff, some holiday stuff, generally just a bit of fun.

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