Thursday, December 05, 2013

What's an Authorgraph?...and Pins

I've discovered this cool service called Authorgraph.  Basically, a reader can sign up for free, find the book they want an author to "sign" and send a request.  The author then makes a personal message and signs their name - in their own handwriting using a mouse or pad.  Isn't that awesome?  The reader will receive the signed book (an image of the cover and the author's message and signature) via email, after which they can print it and frame it, put it in a binder, keep it on their computer (perhaps as their desktop image) or they can insert it into their digital book.  And it's all free.  That's fabulous!

Not that I think I'm some kind of heavyweight, big name, sought after author, but I think it would be great fun to offer this, so I signed up.  If you want a signed digital book cover from me, just go to Authorgraph and look up my book (alternatively, go here) and hit the 'Request Authorgraph' button.  Voila!

Hey, I've been pinning.  Wanna see?

That pic up there is a portal to a world full of giggly bits.  Go ahead, you want to.  Who could resist Sir Patrick Stewart singing a Christmas song?  Or a Dalek Christmas tree?  A seriously cool granny, gingerbread AT-AT.  Go, go.

By the way, when you enter your book on Authorgraph, you have to put in your ASIN number.  That's Amazon's ID number for it, basically.  My number starts with BOOG.  Seriously.  What more reason do you need to buy my book?

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