Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Announcing the Winner

And we have a winner!

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby.

Thank you all who voted. Now wasn't that fun?

So I'm trying a little something new. I'm writing the settings of the book before writing the book. I've started with the immediate world around Ruby, where she lives, her grandmother's little house behind Ruby's family home and Ruby's room. I will expand outward to where she goes to school, the small town she lives in and then the places she will discover throughout the story. It is possible that none of this will actually be in the book. I'm writing it to get to know my characters and to have a world to set them free in. Normally I build images of this in my head and then write the story giving detail where it seems natural to. But I wanted to try this as a way of setting up the story and characters in my thoughts. To solidify them. So far, I'm loving what it is creating. Just as a character can reveal herself to the author, the setting seems to be revealing a great deal about my characters to me. I am seeing them more clearly and I'm enthralled with the idea that now, when I write the story, every detail of their world is truly flushed out and I can clearly see my characters interacting with their world.

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