Sneaking Out Extras

The List of Possible Titles We Brainstormed:

Escape from Planet Joris
Riding the Spork
Escape with the Spork
Travels with the Spork
Spork Travel
Space Spork Travel
Space Travel with the Spork
Five Kids and the Spork
Running Away
Super Pirates
Escape from the Orphanage
Orphans on the Run
Georgie and Company, A New Life: Everything Begins Here

Sneaking Out we have a winner!

The youtube playlist for Sneaking Out:


A List of Characters and Places, Some of Which Changed:

Liddy     (This is one iteration of Georgie's name)

The Unofficial Twins: Jess and Nini     (You will note that Nini was later changed to Maddy - Nini just sounded too sissy and also, it didn't roll off the tongue well enough for me)

The Boy: Greyson, mostly called Grey

Bad Fred

Cook     (When I reached the point of the kids being on the pirate ship and realized there would be a cook there too, I knew I needed to give Cooks 1 and 2 actual names)

The Librarian

Beatneat Nick and Beatneat Jack (actual twins), guardians of the librarian     (Here are two characters that came in a dream also but they turned out waaaaaay too much like Bill and Ted which completely derailed the mood of The Library, not to mention raised questions of copycatting.  So they were ditched, poor fellows.)

Headmistress Blande     (One instance of me quickly naming a character to fit their role or characteristics until I could find a more suitable name.  The Headmistress actually ended up going through three names I think before I settled on Von Leeb)

The Congenially Plebian Orphanage of Saint Pompous, Patron Saint of the Vapidly Righteous otherwise known as The Girls School     (Phillipe pointed out that this was too cheeky and might also offend some readers.  He was right.  I'm glad we changed it.)

Professor Tannenbaum     (Hmm, I wonder what time of year this character got written in?)

The Gardener – gardener of the boys school – kinda crazy but kinda not

One of the original paragraphs I wrote for the beginning:

Liddy is just Liddy. That's what everyone says. “Oh that's just Liddy.” What was that crash? “Oh that's just Liddy.” What in the world is she talking about? “Oh that's just Liddy.” In Liddy's opinion, this works in her favor which is why she doesn't do anything to change their minds. Ms. Corningsly on the other hand, doesn't even recognize her as Liddy. She continues to insist that her name is Heidi Lynn. No orphan in her home would ever ever be allowed the audacity to choose her own name. But Ms. Corningsly could not route this brazen stubbornness from the girl. She'd given her kitchen duty, toilet duty and countless punishments with no effect whatsoever, to the extent that Ms. Corningsly had finally concluded that this young lady was unreachable. Now, this adminstrator bides her time until Heidi Lynn will be of age and out of her hair.

A Wordle of the Book:

Wordle: Sneaking Out

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